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1. What is UniYu?

UniYu is a collaborative online campus. With UniYu, you can share your notes and assignments, buy and sell your books, freely express your opinion, and make the right choice when it comes to classes, professors, or student clubs. UniYu also helps you meet and interact with other students.

Developed by Manu and Ehsan, with many of their friends, young graduates in Montreal for most of them, the platform fully meets the daily needs of each and every student!

This beta version is only open, for now, to these universities.

2. What is a Bêta?

A beta version is a website under development which is not open to everyone. We are in beta, so new sections and features are coming soon to make this project even better than it is today, all thanks to you! We want to hear your feedback so we can make the best site for you possible!

3. Who can subscribe to UniYu?

The UniYu platform is only for university members and anyone with a valid university email address can register. This beta release initially grants access to members of this list of universities.

Just because we've selected these universities it does not mean that we do not care about other students. We are still testing this platform, called Bêta, therefore, we had to make a choice, which naturally led us to the universities where we studied and the universities geographically close to them. We hope to offer access to students all around the world as soon as possible! If you want to see UniYu in your own university, please send us an email!

4. Do you have agreements with these universities?

Not at all! This is a student project, made by students for students.

5. How do I register?

If you hold an academic email address from one of the universities selected by UniYu, it's easy! All you have to do is visit the UniYu home page and to complete the registration form. Then, a confirmation link will be emailed to you. Just click to confirm your email address and voila, you are a UniYu member!

6. What kind of information will I be sharing?

At UniYu, you have complete control over what information is shared! Only your first and last name, your university email, and your university status (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, or alumni) are prerequisites for registration.

7. Do I need to register my real name?

Yes you do! It is probably the best way to moderate comments while preserving our freedom of speech. We believe that using real identities is helpful for the honesty of opinion and that doing so will help maintain good spirits throughout the network. And like we said, you don't have to share anything you don't want to.

8. How are you financing this project?

For now we are funding the project entirely ourselves! We do not have any sponsor, any trade agreement, and there is no boring advertising on the website.

9. What is the business model?

If you've got a lot of money lying around and enjoy business models, check our pitch deck and... we should meet and talk!

10. Is one more social network really even useful?

Whoa! UniYu is not just a social network, it is a collaborative plateform for students. The goal here is not to share your personal information but rather to share information that is generally useful to others. UniYu is not about staying in touch with friends or checking up on people you barely know, we all know you have a Facebook for that, but to meet new students and get the most out of your university experience. There are many other social networks out there which we personally think are very cool for a variety of reasons. UniYu is not there to compete with any specific service but to offer something different. Give it a shot and you'll find yourself asking, "Why this didn't exist before?"

11. Who is behind this project?

Manu and Ehsan and many of their friends. We all had a fantastic time as students in Montreal and wanted to create a student resource to make sure everyone's experience is the best it can be. And give yourself some credit too. A platform with no one to support is pretty useless, so you're just as behind this as we are!


12. What is uniSurfing?

uniSurfing is the main section of the UniYu website. Essentially, uniSurfing enables students to travel from one university to another. Users discuss and rate the universities and also browse and search through the students of these universities who are also on UniYu. A search option allows you to be linked with students who could help you in any subject, from astrophysics to yoga.

Here you can also find a tool which allows users to text and chat, not only with their friends, but with the students who are close to them, be it the same classroom, library, or cafeteria.

13. What is Courses, Professors and Student clubs in the left menu?

Those three sections allow students to rate, to comment and to provide feedback to other students. So it makes our choices much easier! Students can also check the list of profs assigned to one class and the list of students who are studying this course or the list of members of this club.

14. Rating and commenting on profs without their prior consent, is that legal?

Absolutely! Other websites you're almost certainly aware of do precisely that. But unlike these other sites, here a student cannot anonymously comment on a prof, course, or association.

15. What is class notes in the left menu?

Here students can share, rate, and comment on their own notes and homework. This is a new vector of knowledge sharing that works within and between universities.

16. Sharing notes and homeworks, is it legal?

Absolutely! All resources on UniYu are legal so long as you use them legally. You can download notes if you're not using them to cheat during an exam and you can use the homework of another student for learning if you are not plagiarizing. Even if you're kind enough to share your own notes and homework, help everyone out by not plagiarizing works or teachers without proper citation. You're in university, you know better.

As stated in the Terms & Conditions the rules of your university will prevail. It is forbidden to share on UniYu a document considered as confidential by your university (ie. Future exam, a stolen document, etc.) Make sure you always respect the rules of your university, especially those governing plagiarism, before sharing and using documents on UniYu.

17. Why should I share my notes and homework?

Taking a course is about a lot more than the materials covered in class. Haven't you ever taken a class where you could have used a little help from someone who had already been through what you're doing? Share notes and homework to help out people in that position and there will be others doing the same for you. Everyone wins. That's the sort of student spirit we like at UniYu!

Important: Before to download a note, you will have to follow the owner of this note. So if you upload many notes, tons of students will follow you and it will be easier to sell your books, announce an event, etc.

18. What is TextBooks in the left menu?

Here, students can buy or sell their textbooks. An easy and effective way to reduce university fees and recycle books that can be put to good use rather than rotting in old boxes.

19. Is it legal to sell my books?

Absolutely! Dealers can sell books that they had perviously purchased for their studies, and not for resale profits. The dealer will then enter a price lower than the purshase price depending on the condition of their book.

20. If I agree to sell or buy a book on UniYu and I change my mind later, what happens ?

On UniYu, you do not commit to anything! It is just a platform to meet. Once you are in contact with the buyer or dealer, you establish the terms of your purchase agreement. We encourage you to check the status of the book before you buy it!

21. Can anyone follow me on UniYu?

Yep! But don't worry, they are not strangers. We check the academic email of each new member, so only real students will follow you! Then they will find in their newsfeed some of your last activities on UniYu: a book you are selling, a note you just uploded, your comment on a class, a post, etc.

22. Why should I follow students?

Since they are always displayed on the right of the page, you can easily see when they are online to start a conversation! In your newsfeed, you will have news from those students, so you can always find out what is happening, right now, on your Campus!

23. What is uniWink?

On uniWink, you can anonymously wink or pass on the students. If someone you've winked happens to wink you as well, you'll both know about this double-wink! Only you and this other student will receive a notification and an email to inform you about this double-wink. But no information about those winks and double-winks will be publicly displayed in the newsfeed. uniWink is a private tool... ;)

24. A "wink" or a "double-wink", what does this commit you to?

A wink does not commit you to anything! You are free to interprate a wink as you want, but it cannot be perceived as an endorsement of any advance. If there is a double-wink, it is up to you to initiate a conversation in order to make the most of this double-wink... ;)

25. What is the difference between uniWink and others like Tinder, Twrl, CarrotDating?

If those apps allow you to match with random people who are around you, uniWink allows you to wink only students, who are in the same class, same student club, same university, etc.

26. What is uniSecret?

UniSecret is a space to openly share what you're thinking and feeling with the students who are around you: Your posts are 100% anonymous, so speak freely, share anything! To get even more privacy, each of your post will be automaticaly deleted after 60 minutes.

27. Can I delete my profile?

Absolutely, anytime! But we will miss you...

28. If any information that is incorrect, misleading, or insulting is posted on UniYu, what can I do?

You can report any complaints to the UniYu administration. According to the Terms & Conditions, we will make sure to deal with any erroneous, misleading, or offensive information that may temporarily appear on the website.

29. What happens after I graduate?

As long as your university email is valid, you can be registered as a member of UniYu. We just hope that you'll update your status on your profile page so UniYu can remain as accurate as possible.

30. How can I contact you?

You can give your feedback right here. To contact us, you can inbox our Facebook page, write 140 characters here or more by email: info@uniyu.com.

- The UniYu team -
Manu & Ehsan

What is UniYu?

UniYu is your Campus, online! With UniYu, students can meet, interact and even flirt with other students, share their notes, buy or sell their textbooks, and make the right choice when it comes to classes, professors, or student clubs thanks to the ratings and comments of the other students.

Developed by young graduates in Montreal, independently and without any sponsors, the platform fully meets the daily needs of each and every student.

Only students from these universities can sign up. If not, click here to see what it looks like!

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