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On UniYu, a good student is not only a student who got good grades.

To get your UniYu diploma you will also have to be smart, serene, popular, social, reliable, seductive, informed, involved, diplomatic, open and demonstrate an amazing collaborative spirit! Each quality merits its own badge. You can get different badges depending on your actions, with the ultimate goal of gaining your diploma with the highest reputation score. It's all up to you!

A reputation score is your UniYu GPA. This score will also be associated to your diploma. Below you will find, a table which explains how your number of points are calculated.

Badges Signification How to get it? Reputation score
UniYu diploma [UniYu diploma] To get this one, you first need to gain all the badges below! ---
Serene [Serene] Completely fill your profile page ---
New [New] Automaticaly given to each new UniYu members Welcome on UniYu!
+100 points

Invite a friend
+300 points
Collaborative [Collaborative] Upload 5 class notes on uniNotes Upload one note
+100 points

Your note is downloaded
+10 points

You download a note
-20 points
Informed [Informed] Comment on 3 universities New comment on a university
+50 points
Reliable [Reliable] Comment on 5 courses New comment on a course
+50 points

Add a new course
+3 points

Join a course
+3 points
Diplomatic [Diplomatic] Comment on 5 teachers New comment on a Prof
+50 points

Add a new Prof
+3 points
Involved [Involved] Comment 3 student clubs New comment on a club
+50 points

Add a new club
+3 points

Join a club
+3 points
Social [Social] Write 20 posts A student likes your post
+10 points
[Popular] 100 students are following you A student is following you
+5 points
Open-minded [Open-minded] You follow 100 students Follow a new student
+1 points
Smart [Smart] Sell 5 textbooks Each book sold
-20 points
Seductive [Seductive] Wink or pass 20 students on uniWink Each wink or passe
-1 point
Each double-wink
+200 points
[Spammer] Content reported by the other students Troll ou Spam
▼ ▼ ▼ points

What is UniYu?

UniYu is your Campus, online! With UniYu, students can meet, interact and even flirt with other students, share their notes, buy or sell their textbooks, and make the right choice when it comes to classes, professors, or student clubs thanks to the ratings and comments of the other students.

Developed by young graduates in Montreal, independently and without any sponsors, the platform fully meets the daily needs of each and every student.

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